NEBOSH course training in Mumbai-Vashi by NIST

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NIST has inaugurated its 10th branch in Mumbai-Vashi, well-connected by all modes of transport especially it can be easily accessible through harbour line. Mumbai-Vashi being the hub of various MNCs, one can get job opportunities in top notch companies due to the requirement of safety professionals apart from world-wide opportunities. NIST has achieved several landmarks like training more than 50,000+ professionals in various international safety courses and also inspires others by its unparalleled results and ever-burgeoning growth. Through innovative training methodologies, tailor-made study materials, engaging multimedia, our institute makes learning process simpler and interactive, which cultivates in-depth knowledge and also helps the individuals to clear the exams with ease. Our course calendars are planned throughout the year and at convenient times.

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
04th to 08th Jun-18 09th to 14th Jun-18 21st & 22th Jun-18
09th to 13th Jul-18 16th to 20th Jul-18 25th & 26th Jul-18
20th to 24th Aug-18 27th to 31st Aug-18 10th & 11th Sep-18
24th to 28th Sep-18 01st to 06th Oct-18 11th & 12th Oct-18
29th Oct to 02nd Nov-18 12th  to 16th Nov-18 22nd & 23rd Nov-18
03rd to 07th Dec-18 10th to 14th Dec-18 19th & 20th Dec-18
15th to 19th Jan-19 21st to 25th Jan-19 30th & 31st Jan-19
11th to 15th Feb-19 18th to 22nd Feb-19 27th & 28th Feb-19
18th to 22nd Mar-19 25th to 29th Mar-19 04th & 05th Apr-19

IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment
03rd to 05th Jul-18 06th Jul-18 07th Jul-18
13th to 16th Aug-18 17th Aug-18 18th Aug-18
18th to 20th Sep-18 21st Sep-18 22nd Sep-18
23rd to 25th Oct-18 26th Oct-18 27th Oct-18
27th to 29th Nov-18 30th Nov-18 01st Dec-18
07th to 09th Jan-19 10th Jan-19 11th Jan-19
04th to 06th Feb-19 07th Feb-19 08th Feb-19
12th to 14th Mar-19 15th Mar-19 16th Mar-19

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