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NEBOSH Course Training in Pune

The NEBOSH course in Pune is a game changer. If you have been seeking for job opportunities, the international level NEBOSH training program can fetch you a job easily. The certificate is accredited by the NEBOSH board and has immense value. Moreover, NIST has the ample experience to build you up with adequate knowledge in health and safety. Many students have partnered with NIST and reached great heights in the Safety industry through the safety course in Pune.

Upcoming Safety Batch

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
16th to 21th Oct-19 22nd to 26th Oct-19 11th & 12th Nov-19 booknow
19th to 23rd Nov-19 25th to 29th Nov-19 05th & 06th Dec-19 booknow
13th to 17th Jan-20 20th to 24th Jan-20 30th & 31st Jan-20 booknow
17th to 21st Feb-20 24th to 28th Feb-20 05th & 06th Mar-20 booknow
16th to 20th Mar-20 23rd to 27th Mar-20 01th & 02nd Apr-20 booknow
IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
03rd to 05th Sep-19 06th Sep-19 07th Sep-19 21st Sep-19
09th to 11th Oct-19 14th Oct-19 15th Oct-19 12th Oct-19
12th to 14th Nov-19 15th Nov-19 16th Nov-19 18th Nov-19
06th to 08th Jan-20 09th Jan-20 10th Jan-20 11th Jan-20
10th to 12th Feb-20 13th Feb-20 14th Feb-20 15th Feb-20
09th to 11th Mar-20 12th Mar-20 13th Mar-20 14th Mar-20



Mohit Dashora
Safety Incharge, P&G


Given an opportunity to reinvent career which is lucrative, everybody will vie for it. This is feasible, when one invests in a professional course that has demand in corporate world. In the run up to professional course, financial obstacle might keep the aspirant away from reaching academic goals. However, who are determined will find a way to pursue their goals, no matter how the problem sets in as deterrent. This is the case happened to Mohit Dasohora, when he wanted to pursue NEBOSH IGC course from NIST, Pune Centre. For him, fees range to pursue the course was a realistic problem as he was without job.

Nonetheless, he completed the course with elan as right support system was availed to him by employees and trainers affiliated to NIST, Pune. As amazing as that, Rohini (Trainer) and Pooja (Support staff) were instrumental in shaping his career throughout the training period. More than anything else, the moral support and motivation added a new lease of life to Mohit as he was going through a very low phase in his life.

Now he is skilled and better understands the nuances of health and safety at workplace, thereby landed a job with P&G as safety in-charge. If he can do it, so can you!


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