Special priced NEBOSH course training in Vizag

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Get a NEBOSH qualification at a markdown price from NIST. NIST provides some special priced NEBOSH courses exclusively for their students. Hurry up to register as there are only limited seats available. The registration gets closes soon in our NIST vizag branch. Vizag is an industrial city with rich vibrant culture and heritage. Grab your offer soon!

IGC1 Date IGC2 Date IGC 1 & 2 Exam Register
26th to 30th Jun-18 02nd to 06th Jul-18 11th & 12th Jul-18
30th Jul to 03rd Aug-18 06th to 10th Aug-18 16th & 17th Aug-18
03rd to 07th Sep-18 10th to 15th Sep-18 20th & 21th Sep-18
08th to 12th Oct-18 15th to 20th Oct-18 25th & 26th Oct-18
19th to 23rd Nov-18 26th to 30th Nov-18 10th & 11th Dec-18
24th to 29th Dec-18 31st Dec to 05th Jan-19 10th & 11th Jan-19
04th to 08th Feb-19 11th to 15th Feb-19 20th & 21st Feb-19
04th to 08th Mar-19 11th to 15th Mar-19 20th & 21th Mar-19

IOSH MS Fire Safety Risk Assessment
18th to 20th Jun-18 21st Jun-18 22nd Jun-18
21th to 24th Jul-18 25th Jul-18 26th Jul-18
25th to 28th Aug-18 29th Aug-18 30th Aug-18
28th Sep to 01st Oct-18 03rd Oct-18 04th Oct-18
09th to 12th Nov-18 13th Nov-18 14th Nov-18
15th to 18th Dec-18 19th Dec-18 20th Dec-18
25th to 28th Jan-19 29th Jan-19 30th Jan-19
23rd to 26th Feb-19 27th Feb-19 28th Feb-19

Fire Watcher Confined Space Attendant
23rd Jun-18 25th Jun-18
27th Jul-18 28th Jul-18
31st Aug-18 01st Sep-18
05th Oct-18 06th Oct-18
15th Nov-18 16th Nov-18
21st Dec-18 22nd Dec-18
31st Jan-19 01st Feb-19
01st Mar-19 02nd Mar-19

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