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In recent years, Environmental Management has gained significant momentum in all the organizations for sustainable resource conservation and management as well as preventing environmental hazards and possible disasters. Recognizing the importance of environmental management, NEBOSH has designed an International Diploma in Environmental Management course in accordance with international standards to positively influence environmental management standards and practice at every organizational level.

NIST, being India’s First provider of NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma, offers the qualification via blended learning model. Online NEBOSH Edip comes with exclusive webinars conducted by our skilled experts. Also, learners get individual guidance from our trainers. The online portal is also user-friendly so that learners get utmost benefit out of it.

For environmental management professionals, this course proves to be life-changing and gives a competitive edge in demonstrating environmental excellence and social responsibility. Further, this is a value-added course for Health and Safety practitioners as organizations across the globe are now looking for dual-role employees to take care of both Safety and Environmental management. So, what are you waiting for? Just enroll at NIST (first NEBOSH’s Gold Learning Partner in India) and transform yourself as a competent Environmental professional.

What is NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management?

For maintaining the quantum of sustainable utilization and reducing environmental risks, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the totality of the environment and the principles of its scientific management. To cater to the above requirements, NEBOSH has developed the International Diploma in Environmental Management course to cultivate the ability to develop and implement effective environmental management systems within the organizations.

This NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma course in Chennai is divided into two units: Unit ED1 and Unit IDEM2. Unit ED1 discusses a range of topics to provide specialist solutions and knowledge on issues such as environmental management systems, sustainability, and pollution prevention and control whereas Unit IDEM2 provides insights on enforcement of environmental legislation associated with environmental management. Respected by employers worldwide, this NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management in India is a must-have for those wishing to attain a high-level career in Environmental Management on a global scale and safety professionals looking to expand their skills and horizons.


  • First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner in India
  • First in India to deliver training for NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma
  • Decade-long experience in HSE training, auditing, and consulting
  • Blended learning options
  • State-of-the-art training facilities across the major metropolis
  • Highly-qualified trainers with cross-domain expertise
  • An interactive multi-media-based learning environment
  • Customized course materials with illustrative pictures and case-studies
  • Dedicated support and assistance from enrollment to dispatch of certificates

What are the benefits of NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management?

  • Enables delegates to comply with the requirements of National and International environmental legislations and standards (ISO 14001)
  • Aids to demonstrate key social responsibility and ethical practices
  • Acts as a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for health and safety professionals
  • Provides International recognition and mark of professionalism
  • Meets the academic requirements of IEMA Practitioner (PIEMA) level membership and IIRSM’s Specialist Membership (SIIRSM)
  • Entitles to use the designatory letters IEnvDipNEBOSH after name upon successful completion
  • Fosters enhanced knowledge for progression to further study at MSc level

Who can take-up NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management?

  • Individuals with responsibilities for environmental management
  • Aspiring environmental management professionals
  • Health and Safety Practitioner
  • Health and Safety Professionals

What is the eligibility criterion for joining this Environmental Diploma?

None. However, the achievement of NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management or direct equivalent would be an added advantage.

What are the modes of training?/

  • E-Learning

What does NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management syllabus cover?

  • Unit ED1: Controlling environmental aspects
    • Key environmental cycles and the effects of human activity on the environment
    • Environmental leadership
    • Environmental management systems and emergency planning
    • Environmental risk evaluation and control
    • Environmental performance evaluation
    • Sustainability
    • Waste management
    • Managing emissions to the atmosphere
    • Managing emissions to controlled waters
    • Control of environmental noise
    • Hazardous substances and contaminated land
    • Energy use
  • Unit IDEM2: Environmental regulation
    • Enforcement of environmental legislation
    • Pollution prevention and control multilateral treaties

How this Environmental Diploma is assessed?

  • Unit ED1
    • Three-hour written examination
    • Pass Standard – 45%
  • Unit IDEM2
    • Work-based project assignment
    • Pass Standard – 50%

Both these papers are marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH

What other courses can be pursued after obtaining this Environmental Diploma?

  • NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
  • MSc in Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Management
  • MSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • MSc in Environmental Management

Please refer for more information.

Download Link:   doc   IDEM2 Guidance and information

NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma Training and Exam schedules are as per the course calendar.


NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management is a tailor-made qualification for the aspiring environmental management professionals, who can specialize in an environmental management system, sustainability, and pollution prevention & control. The NEBOSH International Diploma qualification provides the competency & environmental expertise to the learner in positively influencing the environmental management standards, which will alleviate the operational efficiency & create a sustainable business.
The Qualification meets the academic requirement for Practitioner Membership (PIEMA) of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). After the attainment of the NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management Certification, the delegates can use the designatory letter “IEnvDipNEBOSH” after their name. The NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management Qualification enables the learners to manage both the safety and environmental management, hence it attracts global employers and highly paid jobs.
The NEBOSH International Diploma in NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management Qualification has two units, ED1 and IDEM2. The Unit ED1 comprises of 12 elements such as Key environmental cycles and the effect of human activity in the environment, Environmental leadership, Environmental management systems, and emergency planning, Environmental risk evaluation & control, Environmental performance evaluation, Sustainability, Waste management, Managing emissions to the atmosphere & controlled waters, Control of environmental noise, Hazardous substances & contaminated land and energy use. The Unit IDEM2 covers 2 elements of Enforcement of environmental legislation and Pollution prevention and control legislation for project assessment.
The NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management Qualification has two Unit ED1 & Unit IDEM2. Unit ED1 is assessed with question paper assessment with the “Pass standard” of 45 %. Unit IDEM2 is a practical application with a 50% Pass standard.
There is no prerequisite entry requirement for NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management Qualification. The attainment of NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety or any other direct equivalent is however preferred.