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NEBOSH Online Course in Himachal Pradesh

Are you looking to pursue safety courses in Himachal Pradesh? Embark on a safety career with NIST – India’s First NEBOSH Golding Partner. NIST offers the world’s leading NEBOSH courses like IGC & IDip via Virtual Interactive sessions. You can now achieve NEBOSH safety qualifications while you are at home. NEBOSH qualified professionals have immense value when it comes to employment throughout the globe. It is indeed the most preferred qualification by leading employers. NIST has qualified trainers who are known for their effective training deliverance. NIST will be the right choice if you are aiming to become a safety professional.

Upcoming Safety Batch - Himachal Pradesh
(IGC New Syllabus – 2018 Specification)

Day Batch Training

IOSH MS NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
14th to 17th Sept-20 18th to 25th Sept-20 28th Sep to 07th Oct-20 booknow
12th to 15th Oct-20 16th to 23rd Oct-20 26th Oct to 03rd Nov-20 booknow
09th to 12th Nov-20 16th to 23rd Nov-20 24th Nov 0to 03rd Dec-20 booknow
08th to 11th Dec-20 12th to 19th Dec-20 21st to 31st Dec-21 booknow
06th to 09th Jan-21 11th to 19th Jan-21 20th to 29th Jan-21 booknow
08th to 11th Feb-21 12th to 19th Feb-21 22nd Feb to 02nd Mar-21 booknow
10th to 13th Mar-21 15th to 23rd Mar-21 24th Mar to 01st Apr-21 booknow
07th to 10th Apr-21 12th to 20th Apr-21 21st to 29th Apr-21 booknow

Evening Batch Training

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
24th Aug-20 02th Oct-20 booknow
21st Sept-20 30th Oct-20 booknow
19th Oct-20 27th Nov-20 booknow
23rd Nov-20 01th Jan-21 booknow
21st Dec-20 29th Jan-21 booknow
18th Jan-21 26th Feb-21 booknow
22nd Feb-21 02nd Apr-21 booknow
22nd Mar-21 30th Apr-21 booknow
19th Apr-21 28th May-21 booknow

NEBOSH International Diploma in Himachal Pradesh

Courses Exam Date Closing Date
NEBOSH Environmental Diploma 05th Oct-2020 15th Sept-20
NEBOSH IDIP 06th , 07th & 08th Oct-2020 15th Sept-20




I am very much thankful to NIST for arranging Virtual Classes for NEBOSH during this challenging Pandemic period. Initially, I was a little skeptical regarding the virtual classes but it was well managed and made informative by our trainer Mr. Mayank Gautam. The discussions were very enriching, and I gained immense knowledge. Last but not the least, I want to thank Ms. Deepti who guided and cleared all my doubts before joining the course. Also, thanks to Ms. Pooja for arranging the classes in a smooth way which made the course fruitful to all learners. Thank you NIST!

Ms. Priyabrata


Though a degree is not mandatory for pursuing NEBOSH courses, it becomes a requirement when it comes to employment. There is no prerequisite for NEBOSH courses. But basic English Knowledge to read/write is a must. For further details, mail us to
Yes, you can now pursue NEBOSH IGC via Virtual Interactive Sessions which include exclusive webinars, one-to-one tutor support & Learner-friendly course materials. For further details, mail us to
After the counseling session, our course counselors will send the registration form to learners’ mail id. The form has to be duly filled and submitted along with the acknowledged learner’s agreement. Also, the learner has to pay the registration fee while registering for the course.
Yes, our online training sessions are interactive and made interesting by our expert trainers. Just like classroom training, online sessions are lively & effective. Learners who took online training with us were impressed & shared wonderful feedback about their experience. For further details, mail us to
For aspirants who are seeking to build a career in safety, the NEBOSH IGC course can help them achieve their aim. NEBOSH IGC professionals are highly preferred & have a great scope when it comes to employment in varied industries. Also, NEBOSH professionals are entitled to use the designatory letters IDipNEBOSH. For further details, mail us to2


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