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NEBOSH Online Course in Jammu & Kashmir

Are you a safety aspirant in Jammu & Kashmir aiming to build your career in Safety? This is indeed the right time! NIST offers top NEBOSH safety qualifications like IGC & IDip via E-learning. You can now stay at home while you achieve the world’s leading safety qualifications through exclusive live online classes. Do you know that NEBOSH professionals have a great scope when it comes to a career in safety? Yes! Throughout the globe, IGC & IDip qualified professionals have immense demand in multifarious industries. Moreover, these courses are now available online which makes it even easier to achieve!

Upcoming OBE Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 02nd Dec-20
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 03rd Feb-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 07th Apr-21
NEBOSH IG1 & IG2, IGC1 & GC3 09th Jun-21

Upcoming Resit Examination Dates for the NEBOSH IGC qualification
(Old Syllabus – 2014 Specification)

NEBOSH IGC Exam Exam Date
NEBOSH GC2 09th Dec-20

Upcoming Safety Batch - Jammu and Kashmir
(IGC New Syllabus – 2018 Specification)

Day Batch Training

IOSH MS NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
09th to 12th Nov-20 16th to 23rd Nov-20 24th Nov 0to 03rd Dec-20 booknow
08th to 11th Dec-20 12th to 19th Dec-20 21st to 31st Dec-20 booknow
06th to 09th Jan-21 11th to 19th Jan-21 20th to 29th Jan-21 booknow
08th to 11th Feb-21 12th to 19th Feb-21 22nd Feb to 02nd Mar-21 booknow
10th to 13th Mar-21 15th to 23rd Mar-21 24th Mar to 01st Apr-21 booknow
07th to 10th Apr-21 12th to 20th Apr-21 21st to 29th Apr-21 booknow

Evening Batch Training

NEBOSH IG 1 Start Date NEBOSH IG 2 End Date Register
19th Oct-20 27th Nov-20 booknow
23rd Nov-20 01th Jan-21 booknow
21st Dec-20 29th Jan-21 booknow
18th Jan-21 26th Feb-21 booknow
22nd Feb-21 02nd Apr-21 booknow
22nd Mar-21 30th Apr-21 booknow
19th Apr-21 28th May-21 booknow

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma in Jammu and Kashmir

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Exam Date Closing Date IDEM2 submission Date
11th Jan-2021 01st Nov-20 24th Feb-2021
05th Jul-2021 Update shortly 26th May-21
- Update shortly 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21

NEBOSH International Diploma in Jammu and Kashmir

NEBOSH IDIP Exam Date Closing Date DNI submission Date
06th , 07th & 08th Oct-2020 15th Sep-20 25th Nov-20
12th , 13th & 14th Jan-2021 01st Nov-20 24th Feb-21
06th , 07th & 08th Jul-2021 Update shortly 26th May-21
- Update shortly 25th Aug-21
- Update shortly 24th Nov-21




If you want to pursue any safety course, I would say that NIST is definitely the best place. Amidst the pandemic situation, NIST offers online classes for safety courses. Initially, I was hesitant to take up online classes as I was doubtful about its effectiveness. Also, I have not attended any online classes previously. Due to the current scenario, I decided to go with the online class. My trainer, Mr. Parthasarathy ensured that the entire batch is comfortable. With his entire effort, he delivered an effective session. By day 3, I never felt I was into an online class. With the way he took the session, it very much felt like a classroom session. The sessions were very much effective. Thank you Mr. Parthasarathy & NIST!

Jammu and Kashmir


Yes, NIST offers the world’s top NEBOSH IGC course via E-learning. Online NEBOSH IGC course includes virtual classes with live webinars, individual trainer support & learner-friendly course material. As NEBOSH has now introduced the Open book exam for the NEBOSH IGC course, you can now write the exam from your home. For further details, mail us to
An aspirant who’s aiming to embark on a safety career can pursue NEBOSH courses. Even a fresher or an HSE professional can enroll for NEBOSH courses. Though there are no pre-requisites, basic English knowledge is a must. Also, a degree or diploma will be an added advantage when it comes to employment. For further details, mail us to
NEBOSH courses have international recognition & NEBOSH professionals are entitled to use the designatory letters IDipNEBOSH. NEBOSH course enables the learner to understand & analyze the safety standards in an organization. It adds value to one’s career and has great scope throughout the globe. For further details, mail us to
You can first contact our course counselor who will elaborate you about the NEBOSH courses. Next, you will receive a registration form to your mail from our counselor which has to be duly filled and submitted with valid id proof. You will also receive the learner’s agreement which has to be acknowledged & sent back. You should also pay the registration fee while submitting the registration form. For further details, mail us to
Yes, you will receive a hard copy for the online NEBOSH IGC course. And for the NEBOSH IDip course, you will receive both hard copy & E-book. Our course materials are said to be learner-friendly which enable easy understanding for learners. For further details, mail us to


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