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NEBOSH Safety Simplified

Did you know? Gaining foundational knowledge in health and safety is much easier than before with the NEBOSH Safety Simplified course. It is an innovative and exciting new course developed by NEBOSH in consultation with leading expert practitioners to ensure a safer working environment and provide practical, real-life skills for improving health and safety in any workplace. One of the most interesting aspects of this course is that it harnesses the latest technology in the form of augmented reality (AR) animations to mimic real-world environments and simulations for interactive and engaging learning experience.

Pursuing this course from NIST institute (first NEBOSH’s Golden Learning Partner in India) is an amazing opportunity for those who want to take ownership of health and safety in their organizations and establish a career in health and safety.

  • Qualification
    NEBOSH Safety Simplified
  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Training Mode
  • Board
  • Level
    Basic / Level 2
  • Language
  • Prerequisites

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What is NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

An understanding of health and safety principles and practices becomes a key priority in all types of business environments. This NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course in Chennai is an ideal introduction to health and safety and suitable for individuals working in organizations of any size in any industry or sector. To emphasize the practical nature of health and safety, this course incorporates augmented reality (AR) animations covering a range of safety issues like noise, vibration, desk working, mechanical hazards, manual handling, and working at height to help the participants in visualizing and manipulating the concepts with ease. Participants can view these animations in their smartphone or tablet by installing NEBOSH AR App which is available on App Store & Google Play.

Besides technological innovations, this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course in India focusses on range of topics with real-life case studies to demystify the practicalities of risk assessment and control, and provide relevant expertise in monitoring, audits and reviews to ensure the effectiveness of organisation’s health and safety management system.


  • First NEBOSH’s Golden Learning Partner in India
  • 12+ years’ experience in HSE training, auditing and consulting
  • State-of-the-art training facilities across major metropolis
  • Highly-qualified trainers with cross-domain expertise
  • Interactive multi-media-based learning environment
  • Customized course materials with illustrative pictures, case-studies, and AR marker
  • Dedicated support and assistance from enrolment to dispatch of certificates

What are the benefits of pursuing NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

  • Aids to establish a strong and positive safety culture in the workplace
  • Uses augmented reality (AR) animations to develop participants creativity and curiosity
  • Reduces personal, organisational and financial cost of accidents, incidents and work-related ill-health
  • Fosters greater health and safety awareness to ensure the safety of themselves and others
  • Ensures solid base for progressing on to the next level of NEBOSH qualifications
  • Demonstrates commitment to safety and serves as a mark of professionalism

Who can do this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

  • Managers, Supervisors and Technicians
  • Safety Professionals
  • Safety aspirants
  • Individuals wishing to
    • attain basic understanding of health and safety practices and principles
    • start career journey in health and safety

What is the prerequisites requirement for joining this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

  • None.

What is the duration of this course and mode of study?

  • 3-days (18 hours)
  • Virtual Training

What are all the topics covered in this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

  • Element 1: Making the case for health and safety
  • Element 2: Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happen
  • Element 3: Stopping incidents from repeating themselves
  • Element 4: Dealing with common workplace hazards
  • Element 5: Keeping an eye on how things are going

What are all the key learning outcomes of this course?

  • Understand the reasons for, and benefits of, managing health and safety
  • Recognise common workplace hazards
  • Understand how to help prevent incidents recurring
  • Appreciate the purpose of inspections and audits
  • Know how to undertake basic health and safety risk assessments and put in place appropriate control measures
  • Be able to help employers comply with the law and good practice and avoid the huge impact of incidents and ill- health.

How this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course is assessed?

  • Multi-format examination
    • Duration – 30 minutes
    • Pass standard – 60%
  • Practical assessment
    • Work-place based Risk Assessment Project Submission
    • Either Pass or Refer

E-certificate will be sent directly to the Participants Email ID upon the successful achievement of PASS Grade in both the assessments.

What other courses can be pursued after obtaining this NEBOSH Safety Simplified Course?

  • NEBOSH Leadership Excellence

NEBOSH Safety Simplified Training and Exam schedules as per the course calendar