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10th Founder's Day Celebration at NIST to Commemorate its Successful Journey


Some decisions taken a few years ago have been getting adrenaline rushes till now. When we look at those in hindsight, it reflects that a lot has been achieved and benchmark set over the years. Thus, it gives a reason to employees and management of NIST to celebrate the occasion on founder's day, which was layout in way back in 2008, i.e. a decade in the business of rendering international safety training courses speaks volume. This event was two-day affair with panel discussions headed by directors and a kind of introspection sessions held over the achievements and the goals yet to attain.

Kicking off the founder's day celebration was planned long before, where everybody coordinated well, provided their inputs and invested valuable time to make it successful unlike last year. The important part of this event was that employees from all the NIST centers gathered to commemorate those who founded this organization. The entire atmosphere was electrifying and filled with fervor and enthusiasm.

Managing Director graced the occasion and brought back the memories of decision making to set up a safety training institute of par excellence. There were a lot of activities happened like as usual prayer, speech by directors, team introduction, display of NIST journey video and motivational videos, and fun interactive sessions. Evening culminated with cake cutting and group photos along with compliment presentations to all.