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HSW - NIST, Kolkata Celebrates Vibrant Success


Abraham Maslow once said, "One of the goals of education should be to teach life is precious" This is what we do at NIST. Educate great minds about health & safety with an aim to teach about the value of life & how to safeguard the same.

Education is a human right which has immense power to transform the world. Health & safety education is no exemption. With an aim to provide such health & safety education we produce quality result year after year. This time, expert trainer for this batch Mr.Shadab Ahmed Ghazaly produced 97% pass rate in 126th HSW batch, at NIST-Kolkata. The training successfully began on 31st May'18 and lasted till 2nd June'18. The credit for the noteworthy result attained by this batch goes to the dedicated students & expert trainers of this batch.

The training was carried out with an aim to make understanding, learning and retaining process easier for our candidates by using interactive teaching methodology. We appreciate the students who made the best use of this training and produced such great results.

Health & safety education is not something that can be taken easily. It's a way of life in which we learn to safeguard ourselves and others from hazard. We move ahead with an aim to scale up our service quality & share our health and safety knowledge to great minds that are thirsty for knowledge.