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IOSH MS 500th Batch Fantabulous Success in Mumbai


Celebrating success in an organization motivates to deliver good work, keep up the energy and momentum alive, and helps to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. Celebration makes us learn not only about the successful accomplishments but also the things that led to failure, incomplete accomplishments or unmet objectives. So celebration plays a crucial role for achieving long-term success and growth of an organization.

NIST, a well-known and reputed health and safety training institute, always have the habit of acknowledging and celebrating achievements of their employees or students either small or big to cultivate positive emotions and maintain a culture of motivation, unity, and satisfaction.

On behalf of NIST, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all our IOSH MS students for their exceptional performances in the IOSH examination. As an accredited training partner for IOSH courses, it is overwhelming joy for NIST to celebrate the amazing success of its 500th IOSH MS batch. NIST once gain made its landmark by achieving the highest pass percentage and exceeding the global averages in the IOSH examination.

A total of 7600 students had been trained in the IOSH MS course by the NIST. Recently, NIST had trained its 500th IOSH MS batch at Mumbai location during the month of April. Students who have attended this training programme are mostly freshers of different academic disciplines.

After successful completion of this training programme, most of the students got worldwide recognition and immediate opportunities to work in shutdown and other maintenance projects across the globe in various reputed and prestigious concerns. As this course lays the strong career foundation in health and safety domain, most of our students are eagerly enrolling for next level of IOSH course. This shows our commitment and academic excellence.

NIST delivers academic training with a perfect balance of extra-curriculars to achieve overall development and involvement of the students. With holistic learning approach, NIST makes the learning process simpler and smarter. NIST also imparts additional skills such as complex problem solving, creativity, collaboration, management, interpersonal, negotiation, time management etc. to help the students cope up in a technologically advanced world.

We would like to thank all our trainers for their dedication and support in achieving the highest pass percentage in the IOSH examination. Our trainers bring best out of our students with their extensive experience and knowledge. And also our trainers are well-versed with range of teaching techniques to make learning process more fun, enjoyable and memorable.

NIST develops overall personality and fuelling confidence by empowering the students with knowledge and skills. NIST always strive to enhance a dynamic learning experience. Once again, congratulations to all our students for their sensational achievements in the IOSH examination.