NEBOSH IGC at NIST, Kolkata - Exceptional Results Achieved!


NIST achieved the spectacular NEBOSH IGC result by attaining an overall 74.3% in the current batch, also with the top score of 76% in the IGC1 & GC3 unit. The training session was successfully conducted on 29th April 2019 to 10th May 2019 in Kolkata location, by NIST's most eminent & renowned trainer.

Promptly, it's apt to mention a quote of Brad Henry, "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning". As said, the trainers at NIST are extremely knowledgeable, experienced & highly skilled. Hence the students inspire much from the trainers in expanding their knowledge and growing professionally. The Fresher candidates who attended the training session also felt much comfortable and easily grasped the vast Health and Safety concepts. Thereby, it helped them to clear the exam with ease.

A blend of both experienced & fresher candidates had participated in the training session. The experienced aspirants are from a diverse industrial background like the Construction Sector, Oil & Gas, etc. Group discussion sessions conducted in the training made the candidates understand the Health and Safety concepts in different industrial sectors & provided better insight. The collaborative knowledge gained through the group discussion helped the learners to bridge the knowledge gaps. Furthermore, candidates also did persistent hard work and their determination paved the way to this massive result.


Also, it is great to see the incessant accomplishment for NEBOSH IGC qualifications in NIST on and on. Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. And the remarkable NEBOSH IGC results were achieved only through the consistent effort of the NIST team & dedicated learners. Behind every milestone of NIST, there is an unseen hard work and persistence of our students. Hence, we dedicate this achievement to all our students & our determined trainers by wishing them to contribute more & more on safety.


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