NEBOSH IGC– Outstanding Result of 80% Achieved by NIST Vizag


With every achievement come huge expectations & responsibilities! NIST Vizag branch is proud to share that a batch of highly capable aspirants pursued the highly preferred NEBOSH IGC course with us & an outstanding result of 80% has been recorded. Having set such an excellent benchmark, the expectations of the upcoming batches & responsibilities that our team holds have to be efficiently met and delivered.

Best Results recorded by NIST Vizag

NIST Vizag trained the 727th NEBOSH IGC batch between 17th December 2019 and 6th January 2020. The final examination was conducted on 10th January and the aspiring learners of the batch excelled with a great score. A pass rate of 80% in IG1 and 80% in IG2 was recorded and majority of the learners are pass-holders.

It is a well-deserved success for the team as the aspirants of the batch worked hard consistently & were very compliant with the tutor throughout their training period. And our highly skilled trainer Mr. Rafiullah, who focuses on broadening the aspirant’s horizon with his remarkable technical competency & innovation had the session highly interactive.


For more than a decade now, NIST has been delivering safety courses for institutes, as well as, corporates. NIST has proudly recorded many success stories and with NIST no achievement goes unnoticed. It has always been our primary concern to understand & aid the requirements of our learners through our best safety training.

The 10 days training was pursued by a team of enthusiastic learners who wanted to take their safety career a step ahead and become qualified safety professionals. The training period was a true success as the aspirants were very keen on learning the safety concepts and our highly-qualified trainer Mr. Rafiullah shared the safety knowledge in the best way possible.

Every achievement at NIST speaks of the dedicated learning of the aspirants & the soaring effort invested by our tutor in imparting the best safety concepts to them. With every passing year, we are proud and happy to hold such great success of our candidates for whom we have always been happy to support anytime.

NIST congratulates the achievers on scoring such great results and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours! We look forward to training more safety professionals & achieving more success in the upcoming years!