NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NEBOSH IGC Results – NTPC, Delhi


Another ‘feather in the cap’ moment for NISTians! NIST conducted NEBOSH International General Certificate course training in India’s largest Power Utility sector – NTPC for the first time and the impeccable results attained, speak of our quality and deliverance. The training was conducted between 24th June and 5th July with the final examination being held on the 8th and 9th of July. The batch of 20 aspirants hit the mark with a remarkable result by securing 84% in IGC1, 84% in GC2 and 95% in GC3, leading to an overall score of 88%.


NIST is proud to have assisted NTPC achieve a majority of credit-holders among the 20 aspirants. The primary objective of the training session was to equip the learners with in-depth knowledge regarding the Health & Safety concepts and as a matter of fact, the session was a true success. This achievement was made possible with the combined effort of the tutor who successfully delivered quality training and the learner’s keenness towards the course.

The NEBOSH IGC course was taken by candidates from various fields. The learners were very focused & compliant with the tutor. They were highly co-operative and were able to understand the safety concepts well & reciprocate the same during the examination and secure a good score.


The role of our tutor plays a vital role in this outstanding achievement; the tutor framed a collaborative learning environment and delivered the concepts in an easy yet effective method. The results attained resonate with the training provided by the NEBOSH approved & qualified tutor and the hard work done by the participants.

To aim, achieve and cherish is what NIST is all about! And to accomplish the same, NIST provides immense training and safety solutions to students, as well as, corporates. NIST is privileged to be ‘India’s first NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner’ and in order to sustain the standard, NIST is expanding and exploring more in the field of Health & Safety.

‘The key to success is to completely understand the requirement of a learner’ is what NIST believes in. NIST congratulates the participants of NTPC for their dedication & determination and wishes them all the very best for their future endeavors.