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NEBOSH IOGC - Splendid results - September 2018


NIST hit another mighty block on its way by producing 60% as overall result percentage in NEBOSH IOGC with 3 credits and 6 distinctions. This result has not alone proven our trainers skills and abilities, but also NIST’s commitment in ensuring good results. In September 2018, NIST conducted program on NEBOSH IOGC at a revered Indian Oil and Gas company. The program pack consists of principles of health and safety management, identification and control of workplace hazards in the Oil & Gas industry with professionals handling safety responsibilities in the Oil & Gas industry being the participants. The participants are those who control workplace hazards and manage health and safety actions in work premises.

Trainer Mr.Manish kumar is the driving thrust for the whole team for this splendid outcome. His educational qualifications and vast experience of 21 years in HSE field are the cause for this spectacular moment. Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine Operations, Nuclear Safety, and Occupational Health are his main expertise. Also the active participation of the participants and their eagerness in capturing the new points about training is also one of the main reasons for this commendable result. It is essential to quote that there is an equal share to both trainer and participants to hold this success cup today.

The training program took place from 3rd September to 9th September 2018. There were about 20 participants in this training. These 20 participants attended the examination held on 10th September 2018 and produced the magnanimous result of 60% which we feel happy and proud to share this.

During the training session these participants were nurtured with questionnaires and quizzes to spark up their knowledge level. The highly engaging IOGC training strengthened these participants in principles of health and safety program and how to utilize the safety principles at their workplace. The feedback from the participants adds up more fuel to our happiness. One more milestone achievement of NIST regarding IOGC is 180+ candidates have been trained up in the Oil & Gas industry so far.