NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST - 55 Students Record Breaking Registration in NEBOSH Safety Course


First time achievement in handling 55 candidate batch

In a sort of achievement, we have handled for the first time a record-breaking total number of 55 candidates during the month of June. We are a safety company fully prepared with training materials, instructions, assessments to meet any demands in the market. Training a maximum of 55 students was a milestone in our training career.

Providing individual attention

Though we had a maximum number of 55 students yet we were able to accomplish in offering individual attention by splitting the batch into two. Our trainings are effective in nature with interactive quizzes and mock tests conducted on a periodic basis; main reason why we are able to achieve good percentage of results for NEBOSH courses. With respect to our training, our student Joshua Fernando states that, "The training was useful to understand the topic and study the content". And further he added that, "Health and safety management system, workplace hazard and transport hazards are few topics that will help me to apply in my work place".

Out of the total number of 55 students, 36 of them were freshers, while 18 of them had prior experience in the safety field and one of them was our alumni. It was a great experience to handle this batch in providing health and safety information. The trainers were also keen to share their knowledge for the benefit of the students.

Repetitive students

The success of our training program is revealed based on the number of repetitive students who attend our safety courses. Nearly 14 students took a combination of the IOSH and IGC program. Nearly 11 students took a total of 6 courses with us. It really makes us proud when we see the trust students have upon us. Sam Joshua our student commented, .

"The mock assessment, quiz and group discussion were very good. The training was very useful to me and I hope that by practice I can do well in the future"

Awaiting exam results of 60 individuals

Nearly 60 students have attended the exam. The exam results are due in a couple of months and we are expecting that our students will come out in flying colours.