NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST All India Meet - 2015

30,000 certificates

The world certainly looks better when you are on top! We truly understand this having emerged as Asia's No.1 Health Safety Environment training provider. Today, be it known to the world that others follow because we lead, some simply think as we continue to perform and rest dream while we achieve and move ahead. Despite more than 800 training days a year, awarded 30,000 International Safety Certifications, in haste to deal with next crisis, hit next milestone, yet we take a moment in celebrating the achievements we have had and the good people around us.

Winners are born to win but to be a winner, one must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win, we at NIST are win win winners! In the true spirit of winning "Born to Win" campaign was initiated and introduced to rest of India branches. Making this possible, amongst us are exceptional people, not because we are self-made; we are exceptional because we have been made by a genius far bigger than us. Therefore praising lord for loving us and allowing us to understand that real happiness comes from servitude to others, mega event started with a prayer song before team meet began and aptly ended on the footsteps of a Lutheran church after trekking. This time for All India Meet rendezvous point was at "Sterling Resorts, By the Valley" in Kodaikanal with teams from Chennai, Kochi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vizag, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi present. At 2,268 meters, a perfect place to oxygenate the brains, live close to nature and watch clouds below playing games as if there are no boundaries, it was simply magnificent.

Bringing in team members from all over the country require great deal of planning and coordination which was carefully monitored from Chennai and effectively handled by Bengaluru. Teams travelled in style, flying high in confidence, accelerated train trip and finally buses taking us all on a most memorable journey of the trip. There was no stopping back with every single moment fun filled with hugs, cheers and music. If there are short-cuts to happiness, dancing is one of them. We put world upside down on numbers like Tera tera tera byte'ah.. Selfie Pulla, Jingunamani.. aamago, What a Karvaad.. when rehydrated. Enjoyed songs like Pookalae Sattru Oyivedungal, Enna Ma Ippadi Panreengale Ma, Hey don't close the tasmacu ma.. when dehydrated. As we left behind the plains and approached the cool, pine scented air of Kodaikanal in the Palani Hills, we were so touched by the natural splendour and beauty, valley offered. Also, each one of us was more than grateful to get respite from the heat, escape from busy office and hectic city life. Corporate outing is indeed one of the best ways to build relationships and our good management ensured that All India Meet provides "ice breaking activities" followed by some "stress busters". Resort was clearly a haven of comfort amidst the misty hills and multi cuisine food served in gracious atmosphere.

One of the important events during the trip was meeting on the second day of the trip which was well staged as well as celebrated. Lead by the Chairman & MD himself, meeting unfolded with various achievements in the field of safety training with certification like NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH International diploma, IOSH and so on, records broken in safety certifications, recognitions from international boards, appreciations, feedback from clients, delegates and students for whom we continue to serve. NEBOSH training in Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore , mumbai , delhi , vizag , hyderabad , kolkata , pune are the core straight of NIST. He presented to us the landmarks of journey travelled so far, as well as the road map for the future which not only motivated all but also held everyone together as a much stronger team. During the meet, Directors presented to everyone the challenges in our operations, international standards and compliance, recent inspections and audit scores we received, good practices and ongoing improvement to ensure business continuity. Also, Directors & VP Fire presented everyone the expertise we got in Fire Safety, Risk assessment, First Aid and the work expansion in the field of Metro Rails, Airports, Residential and Commercial complexes. Organization's driving force behind the scene who provides data with which we get information and subsequent knowledge is the IT Team. Presentation on 'know how' this team works was enjoyed by all and so was the Quiz competition which kept everyone in fighting spirit. Another highlight of the meet was Team Leaders addressing strengths and shared success stories which were informative and useful. Meet concluded with vote of thanks from the General Manager and Merit Certificates were awarded to achievers along with a special Cash Award.

The trip includes moments to cherish every time we dined together, enjoyed sightseeing around the valley, when shopping and even during the personal time relished at the resort while catching up with colleagues. Management lead from the front and set good examples, held hands of everyone during trekking, danced together and made noise at campfire. This Annual meet provided exposure to the outdoors, unwinding experience from the routine we follow and nurtured respect for other colleagues. It was a befitting occasion which opened up our minds with some great motivational talks, visible commitment showcased by top management, effective leadership demonstrated by those involved and displaying team spirit of very high order. Our strength, coordination and born to win spirit was well exhibited during the Jungle Trek which was completed by all having picked the tougher route over the simpler. We have been meeting frequently but this Annual Meet event brings a unique experience and memories to all members of NIST family and would lead to a long and strong relationship. We will strive for excellence, achieve what we aspire because all of us at NIST sense that right now is one of those moments when we influence the future. We shall meet again soon, bigger and stronger to cherish and celebrate not only what but also how we do.