NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST Annual Awards - 2022


On May 23, 2022, we held a stunning event to commemorate the "NIST ANNUAL AWARDS 2022," which was another important milestone in NIST's history, but unlike any other, it was a massive hit. As expected, the celebration went off without a hitch. Despite the fact that the event had to be postponed for two years owing to a pandemic, it was a huge success with heavenly grace. The event started with a Welcome Note, which was followed by a divine Prayer. The background and significance of the celebration were then announced.


This annual award was established to honour and celebrate outstanding toppers, distinction holders, female learners, and NIST personnel who have made significant contributions to safety. Their efforts have been recognised by the Management of NIST, and our honourable chief guests from NEBOSH, Mr. Steve Mclaughlin, Chief Commercial Officer, and Mr. Damian Hampson, International Business Development Manager, have congratulated and honoured them. Together, the three Managing Directors of NIST honoured our chief guests and welcomed them.

A great short presentation detailing NIST's history and accomplishments was also shown during the ceremony. It was an interesting video that highlighted all stages of NIST's journey from April 1, 2008, when it began its path toward safety, until today, and how we have become the No. 1 choice for learners.


In April 2008 Today
2 Resources 180 Resources
1 Branch 10 Branches
1 Accreditation 7 Accreditation
8 Learners 1, 20, 000+ Learners
1 Client 400+ Clients
1.3 Million Revenue 240 Million Revenue

Our Chief Guest, Mr. Damian Hampson, International Business Development Manager of NEBOSH, then gave a speech discussing our partnership with NIST as India's First Gold Learning Partner.


The celebration then proceeded to the much-anticipated NIST Award session of 2022, followed by our Chief Guest Speech.

The following awards are an outcome of NIST management's initiative to identify and honour those who have gone above and beyond to contribute to safety.

Learner's Awards:

With our best efforts, our learners achieve their dreams of achieving an international certification that makes them stand out among other professionals from all over the world! All of these factors combine to make us one of India's best NEBOSH training institutions.

To begin with, the IGC Toppers were awarded by NIST Management and NEBOSH dignitaries. We've given awards to students who have completed top international courses such as the IGC and IDip. The top-performed students received cash prizes of 50,000 for the first IGC topper, 15,000 for the second IGC topper, and 10,000 for the third topper, respectively.

The NEBOSH IGC is a prestigious course designed to give safety aspirants and those at various stages of their careers a unique perspective on what it takes to work. This certification is a great place to start if you want to work as a Health and Safety Manager, Director of Health and Safety, HSE Advisor, Health and Safety Adviser, or Environmental Consultant, etc., all of which are in high demand today!

The Management of NIST had made arrangements for our learners to receive awards directly from our NEBOSH dignitaries as a way of recognising and appreciating them for choosing such an outstanding course.

Following the IGC awards, the Management of NIST and NEBOSH dignitaries presented the most prestigious IDip awards, with the IDip First Topper receiving 50,000 and the IDip Second Topper receiving 15,000. The IDip course is largely recognised as the most popular international course in the world. Employers prefer NEBOSH IDIP certifications as it demonstrate that candidates have received significant training and have a thorough understanding of workplace health and safety procedures. NIST Management has made award arrangements to recognise and honour such IDip holders.

Awards for Female Learners:

Besides awarding toppers and distinction holders, the Management of NIST has also awarded women safety learners in order to encourage those choosing "safety" as a career.

In general, today's women occupy the top posts in every field. At the same time, they play a very important role in shaping the destiny of a nation. A woman who rises to the heights of success is rewarded for her patience, perseverance, honesty, and diligence. The term "Women Professional" has come to represent the high quality of work culture in any professional field. India, indeed, is rich in the talent of women. Despite the fact that women have more opportunities and are more educated in today's society, women make up a smaller percentage of safety professionals than males, despite the fact that safety professionals are in high demand in industries regardless of gender. NIST management presented awards to our female learners in order to recognise their daring and forward-thinking decisions on such a spectacular occasion.

Awards for NISTIANS:

As a safety promoter, NIST Management acknowledged and awarded NISTian employees for their valuable contributions to safety.

Our Future Milestones:

We must be innovative in order to be sustainable. We need to progress, evolve, grow, adapt, and improve. We are not just talking about being better, but truly living better. Take a look at our future aspirations below.

  • We are launching our First International Branch in Dubai - NIST Technical & Occupational Skill Training LLC, opening on July 2022
  • Joining hands with India's leading University setting up a Centre of Excellence
  • Third Consecutive Sponsor For NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony
  • New Accreditations: National Safety Council, USA (Defensive Driving) and also stepping in to Food Safety
  • Successful implementation of BBS Consulting for Three Leading Companies

Grateful thanks to NIST management, distinguished chief guests, NIST learners, staff, and everyone else who contributed to the success of this event. Overall, it was a happy occasion.