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NIST Attends NEBOSH Meet AT Mumbai


The NEBOSH meet was held at Mumbai to discuss about the NEBOSH Course. The meeting included official members from NEBOSH UK which include Matthew Powell-Howard, Qualification Development Manager, Barry Wilkes, Directory of Strategy and Damian Hampson, International Business Development Executive.

Around 20 participants from 16 NEBOSH course providers were present in the meet. Everyone had the opportunity to mention their views during the meet.

The meeting was held between 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. along with the participants and NEBOSH representatives.

The purpose is to review the NEBOSH IGC syllabus in coordination with course provider

Below is a brief summary of the activities at the NEBOSH Meet:

  • -The demand for NEBOSH qualification in the market.

There has always been demand for the NEBOSH qualification due to its international recognition, and acceptance as a safety standard by many organizations. The NEBOSH qualification is accepted by most international companies as a benchmark for safety. Students prefer to take these courses as they impart high-quality knowledge and job opening in the market.

  • -Strengthen the individual HSE portfolio

The NEBOSH qualification strengthens the HSE portfolio. It makes a candidate well prepared to handle the tasks in the Health and Safety sector. Strengthening the HSE portfolio is one of the reasons for taking the NEBOSH qualification.

  • -Market Awareness – Student feedback – 94% take NEBOSH, Client feedback – 93% of choosing NEBOSH candidate
  • -The general opinion to simplify and reduce the content of each unit.

The representative might have thought that the content is an overload for the students preparing for NEBOSH qualification. So, the general opinion among the representatives has been to simplify and reduce the content of each unit. The execution of these opinions can results in students able to easily cope with NEBOSH materials and cope with the exam.

  • -Assessment – Simplify the question for Level 3, in future forum proposed for mixed question paper (Fill in the blanks, choose the correct answer, Short answers, long answer). Possible usage of Hindi language may be considered

Discussion related to assessment where a mixed type of question paper to be used for assessments which include fill in the blanks, choose the correct answer, short answers and long answer. Following such a pattern would lead to testing the candidate on a holistic manner and awarding qualifications.

  • -GC3 – Report writing could be simplified

Sometimes, students find it difficult to get through the GC3 project with the comprehensive research and writing abilities. As a result, there has also been discussion on simplifying the report writing in GC3 project.

  • -NEBOSH intend to revise the qualification by July'19
  • -Possible revision in assessment as well

The session was overall a good brain storming session. The representatives from each organization had an opportunity to share about their views with respect to NEBOSH qualification.