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NIST Hyderabad Records a Remarkable Result of 80% Achieved in NEBOSH IGC


Announcing a spectacular result achieved by NIST learners! NIST Hyderabad recorded an outstanding result of 80% in the NEBOSH IGC course. We congratulate the batch for their hard work & efforts in achieving such an amazing result. NIST feels proud to have trained such an aspiring set of learners. We also thank the batch for choosing NIST – India’s First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner. We are keen on providing our learners with the best of all to enable them to achieve excellent results. We wish the batch to achieve greater heights in their safety career!

NEBOSH IGC training @ NIST Hyderabad

The key to such successful results in the NEBOSH IGC course starts with imparting effective training by our expert trainers. The training for this batch happened between 21st January 2020 to 31st January 2020. Learners were found to be determined to thoroughly learn the concepts throughout the training period. The batch was trained by our NEBOSH IGC expert trainer Mr. Siva Sai, who is highly skilled in engaging learners with his interactive training methodology. Learners got a deep insight into the entire course and the exam was held on 10th February 2020. The results were announced on 18th April 2020. The batch achieved 69% in IG1 and 90% in IG2, with an average score of 80% in the NEBOSH IGC course. NIST team is highly pleased with the efforts of our learners in achieving such an amazing score. It definitely involves the hard work of both our learners and the trainer.

Safety has become an essential key factor in any industry today. With that, the demand for safety professionals is soaring high in all segments of the industry. In line with that, the need for safety qualifications is also equally becoming higher. NIST feels proud in delivering safety qualifications PAN India to aspirants who are seeking to build their career in safety. NEBSOH IGC is one such qualification that has recognition around the globe and we are glad equipping our learners into such qualifications. Also, we provide an effective learning environment for our learners so as to enable a productive training throughout their course period. Every time we receive feedbacks & success stories, we are truly amazed by the trust and support our learners provide us with. We are definitely inspired to keep giving top results round the year!