NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST Joins The 40th Anniversary Celebration of NEBOSH


Every milestone achieved calls for a celebration! As NEBOSH crossed 40 years of its successful journey in Health & safety, the celebration was nowhere lesser. The big day happened at the prestigious House of Lords in London which was hosted by Lord Jordan. As a part of its 40th-year celebration, NEBOSH will travel across the globe connecting its vast network.

NIST Joins NEBOSH for Celebrating the 40th Anniversary

In over 130 countries worldwide, with 600 learning partners, NEBOSH has awarded 4,00,000 qualifications. In India, NEBOSH celebrated its 40th anniversary with its learning partners at Cochin during the month of February. NIST being India’s first NEBOSH gold learning partner joined the 40th-anniversary celebration with NEBOSH. Mr. Antony Selvaraj- Chairman & Managing Director, NIST joined the grand celebration and had the great opportunity to meet Mr. Ian Taylor- Chief Executive of NEBOSH. An inspiring speech was delivered by Mr. Ian Taylor during the event; it was truly motivating to listen to the success story of NEBOSH. Also, it was a wonderful opportunity for NIST to meet other learning partners across India.

NIST has a cordial relationship of more than a decade now with NEBOSH and the journey together so far in health & safety has been exemplary. Having trained thousands of learners for NEBOSH qualification, NIST is looking forward to equipping more aspirants into health & safety. NIST wholeheartedly wishes NEBOSH for achieving such a colossal milestone and looking forward to building its relationship with NEBOSH furthermore in the upcoming years.