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NIST organized 4th All India & TRAC Meet consecutively to introspect futuristic goals


It's a full-house at NIST Chennai, as its entire staff across India met 4th time to deliberate and discuss various achievements and challenges they have faced so far. It was two days conclave with eventful discussion especially among the sales staff on first day followed by trainers' meet, the next day. Of course the presence of management was there for both days' discussion. This 'All India Meet' kicked off with prayer followed by gracing by Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Antony Selvaraj. As the meeting progressed, there was healthy and interactive discussion on sales achievement for the year 2017-18, where representatives from each center reflected their views.

The very idea of meeting was to understand the reality of sales perspective and the way to overcome the challenges regarding which, our directors shared their thoughtful views on the basis of their experience. Further, the theme of discussion was on how to up the sales quotient to meet the target for respective NIST centers. Thoughtful intervention by directors during the trainers' meet was significant considering the fact of motivational aspects and its need to train the students. This was kind of a metaphoric presentation and competing while keeping sales track above par the market trend. Finally, first day concluded with cake-cutting and group photo sessions. Of course the attendees were complimented with gifts followed by votes of thanks.

The meeting held for second day was to bring together works of trainers in terms of delivering training both international courses and safety training to corporates. The purpose was to re-examine the training perspective and unmaking of training delivery practices and how it could be better delivered in contemporary times. All most all trainers shared their gleeful views in which certain challenging aspects such as how to make the training sessions interactive and interesting also was emphasized. Management in turn encouraged trainers to exercise academic freedom and showered blatant support to achieve higher order training goals.

Overall, the vision of the company was taken into cognizance over two days meeting and how the employees can contribute tiny little way so as to attain overall objective, i.e. to maintain the status quo as number one safety training institute as usual. Hopefully, this event will impact all the attendees and make sense towards enabling NIST to reach next level.