NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST - The only enterprise from India to sponsor at NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony - 2019


NIST made its little headway among all the Indian Enterprises, as the first and foremost to sponsor in the most awaited NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony held at the University of Warwick, UK. Second time in the monumental Graduation Ceremony, NIST appraised & sponsored the best NEBOSH IOGC topper.

Reference to the quote of Vince Lombardi,

"Leaders are made, they are not born, and they are made by hard effort"

NIST inevitably feels privileged to honour the academically excelled candidates, wherever there is a platform to embrace. It has been more than a decade of association with NEBOSH; NIST had ignited Health and Safety passion to about 16,500 + candidates.

Annually, NEBOSH holds a Graduation Award Ceremony to acknowledge the candidate’s global achievements. It alleviates the candidates to recognize their world-calibre academic achievement and sheer them to reinforce safety in their mundane to a greater extent. In the event, our presence on the dais was a praiseworthy accomplishment & indelible moment with other NEBOSH dignitaries. Spending significant time along with the great minds elevated the responsibility and sharpened our vision to render service on safety. The extravaganza trailing the NEBOSH Graduation Ceremony was the gala dinner had with the NEBOSH dignitaries and IOGC topper.


Our Director Mr. Lawrence Andoni Raj sponsored the Best Candidate NEBOSH IOGC Candidate Award to Mr. Damien Catlyn. On sharing the experience of awarding ceremony at Warwick, our honourable Director stated that,

"It’s been a privilege to be on the dais for presenting the award for an IOGC topper during the annual graduation ceremony of NEBOSH held at Warwick University, Coventry, UK last week.

NIST, being one of the premier service provider for NEBOSH, it’s always our pride quotient to be the part of this yearly event.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. I witnessed these graduates who had invested in knowledge had been paid the best interest in this ceremony - Hard work works!"

For a true visioner, "Sky is the only limit" and nothing stops them from accomplishing their objectives. NIST has great vision & aim to achieve many more milestones with infinite possibilities.