NISTian Topped globally in NEBOSH IGC exam 2017-18

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As the quote says "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work". Through 10 years of consistent hard work and tiresome efforts, we have yielded fruit of pride and world-wide recognition in NEBOSH IGC results.

We are extremely happy and delighted to announce that one of our students from Kochi branch Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob stood first over the globe in the prestigious NEBOSOH IGC examination for the year 2017-18. For our surprise, he scored an astonishing 246 out of 300 marks in the IGC examination. This impressive performance gains us tremendous appreciation, respect and reputation from world's leading professional health and safety bodies and fellow competitors.

At this moment, we would like to specially thank our trainers Mr. Kalyan and Mr. Lynel who have been role models and broaden students' horizons beyond standard classroom lessons with their innovative teaching style and deeper insights into the subject. Without their invaluable guidance, inspirations, and suggestions, this achievement would not have been possible. We at NIST eternally are grateful to them for their unflinching insistence and support. Moreover, we have great pleasure in acknowledging our gratitude to all our staffs of Kochi training center for assisting students in a most friendly manner.

It would be inappropriate if we failed to mention the dedication and hard work of Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob. During the intensive 10-days of training program, he actively engaged in learning activities and without any hesitation he interacted with our trainers to clarify doubts. He focused on training sessions without any deviation and taken all our challenging assessments and mock exams seriously. Moreover, he systematically planned his schedule and worked hard towards his mission of becoming a competent safety professional.


To honor his outstanding achievement, NEBOSH sent a personalized invitation to Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob to attend Graduation Ceremony in the month of June at Warwick University (London), where he will be rewarded with a framed certificate and medallion by higher officials of NEBOSH. Being a safety pioneer for more than a decade, our institute also honors this memorable moment by offering 100% sponsorship to Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob for attending the Graduation Ceremony.

We at NIST constantly strive to deliver better results in all our safety training programs. On behalf of NIST, we would like to sponsor more number of such candidates in the near future. Finally, we salute Mr. Sooraj Orpheus Jacob for taking us forward and making us proud in the global arena of health and safety.

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