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The donation of life at NIST


Blood is an important element to sustain life. Once in every two seconds someone is desperately in need of blood. And there is no substitute for human blood. Blood transfusion saves someone’s life, and limits the complication of severe blood loss. Many lives are lost every day due to unavailability of blood in time. The blood transfusion is one of the noblest acts; it can create a lifeline for people in need. It’s better to say “yes” to blood transfusion, then to do heroic deeds to save life.

Considering the blood demand, the organising committee in NIST arranged an awareness campaign program for blood donation. The committee highlighted the importance of Blood transfusion & encouraged the employees to donate blood.

As a part of CSR activity, NIST organised the blood donation camp, in coordination with RSRM Hospital through an NGO (Anbu Illam). The camp took place on 20th October 2018. The bed arrangements & other facilities needed for the blood transfusion were done perfectly by the RSRM Hospital staffs at NIST premises. The blood donating activity was a very successful; more than 30 NIST employees donated the blood to save life.


The Doctors from RSRM Hospital highly appreciated NIST employees for their altruistic social services. They motivated & insisted to organise the blood camps on regular basis. "Gift of Blood is Gift of Life". Thus NIST provides rendering services which has an impact in individual's life and to the society.