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Admin Team

Admin team being the strength to our organization oversees many tasks like purchase, vendor management and housekeeping. Ms. Sharani Fernando, the receptionist, delivers excellent service to the walk-in candidates, directs visitors, handles telecommunication systems and deals with all enquiries.

The team is headed by Mr. Porchezhian, the admin manager. Mr. Siva, Admin Assistance cum Training Coordinator, handles minimum Cash\Cheque deposits, maintains the stock list, purchase office needs, couriers activities, Internal Purchase Order request, stock list, and book stock report for Chennai, Mr. Sudhakar and Mr. Mohammadanash Shaikh are part of the admin team. The admin department ensures adequate accommodations and arrangements for candidates and distributes the stationaries. Mr. Augustin and Mr. Anandan Sekar as Office assistance operating in Chennai, Mr. Sandeep Mangela as office assistant in Mumbai, Mr. Mohan Rao in Vizag, Mr. Shashikanth Bind in Kolkata, Mr. Kailash Jayavant in Pune, Mr. Raja in Hyderabad ensures if all areas are neat and clean and carry out the cash\Cheque Deposit.

Human Resource Team

Human Resource is the most valuable asset in an organization. Our HR team protects, manages and improves the resources and Act as a liaison between employer and employees moreover act as a backbone for the organization and helps Company to achieve its objective by infusing positive environment and attitude in the workforce.

HR team behind the screen includes Ms. Asha Priya (Manager), Mr. Praveen, and Mr. Mohamed Sameer as executive. Our HR Team efficiently handles the entire processes like taking care of overall Recruitment, Staffing & placement, handles all the processes right from an employee joining the company up to relieving. As a successful company, the team has framed good HR policies and complies with all the statutory framed by the state and central laws.

Training & Development, Auditing, Consulting and Recruiting Team:

Our Training and Operation team is an action-oriented, energetic and well- experienced individuals who create excellence and effectiveness at work. Our team is responsible for managing the process of enrolling the candidates in the specific course until the certification. Training operations work involves planning, organizing and coordinating with branches for training and assessment, coordinating US bodies, managing training equipment and materials, Result declaration, Dispatch of certification.

Senior Management Team includes Mr. Murali along with Mr. Manikandan, Mr. Surya, Mr. Surendran and Ms. Leela. Our Training and Support team is managed by Asst. General Manager Mr. Manish Kumar and proficient trainers include Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rasheed (Manager - Training & Development), Mr. Shadab Ahmed(Assistant Manager), Mr. Parthasarathy Thasma Govindan (Trainer) and Mr. Rafiullah (Trainer), Mr. Aamir sohail (Asst. Manager) and Mr. Anilkumar Prabhakaran (Manager). Our training team supports and guides the fresher and candidates, equips the Fire Watchers, provides confined space practical Training and prepares PPTs for the training programs. Our Team also supports the content development and updates the supportive materials for the training programs. Moderation of assessments is also carried out. In addition to it, various Coordinating programs are performed with trainers for project assessment, with admin team and with IOSH & IGC Trainers during training programs. Content development is done by the department for Safety Quiz and tips, safety articles, etc.

The core function workers of the team include Training Managers, and Senior Executives in Training Operations includes Ms. Meenakshi Das (Senior Manager), Mr. Chenthil, Ms. Revathi, Ms. Mary Rocksana, Mr. Sadish Kumar, Mr. Venkatesan as a Sr. Executive Training Coordinator and Mr. Shivaram Bhisaji Dhuri as Executive Training Coordinator at Mumbai Vashi. Content is King and the Content Writers include Mr. Sathish (Team Lead), Mr. Jenson Jegaraj as Sr. Executive Content Writer, and Ms. Vinaya as Trainee.

Management Information System Team

MIS team supports the management for effective decision making to improve our business operations. Accuracy and reliability in MIS reporting helps to identify the employee's performances and sales conversion ratio for business growth. It operates as an interactive bridge between e-marketing and sales. The main function of the MIS team is Accountable in Segregating leads to the sales from all sources. It is also responsible to maintain the organization database for both Sales & e-marketing, Furthermore the team Coordinates & supports the other teams to get connected in the software for structured workflow.

The roles and responsibilities of MIS Team are accomplished by three members; Ms. Abilisha, Ms. Jyosithaa Shri and Ms. Annaguruvammal. Lead Engagement, Lead Generation, Job Posting, Lead Analysis, Sales Support by WhatsApp & Incoming call handling, Corporate MIS, e-search MIS Reporting, Training & Development Support, Reports & Software/CRM Induction to new joiner Coordinates CRM & Support, Lead Segregation and Sales MIS Reporting that includes Daily & Monthly reporting are the main functions of MIS team.

Corporate Sales & Support Team

Corporate team functions as an energetic team handled by General Manager and headed by Mr. Robert Chettiar as Deputy General Manager Client and customer Synergy. The team includes Mr. Amarnath Pandya serving as the Assistant Manager, Ms. Radha, Ms. Neketha Sharma and Ms. Lavanya Kumari as Sr. Corporate Sales executive, Sr. Executive Content Writer as Mr. Sailendra Kumar Patro and Sr. Corporate Sales Executive- Ms. Jyoti Kumari, coordinate with Corporate Manager to promote our corporate product and services for direct marketing, Manages major corporate accounts, maintains the relationship with existing clients and bring in new clients into the fold, Deals with clients concerns and negotiations are done on given quote and other issues if any.

It is Sense of brand building by giving timely service, trust, quality and standard to NIST clients and the team is Responsible for organizing marketing campaign and gives timely report deliverance on need basis.

E-Marketing Team

Behind every successful Digital Business, there is a high spirited team. E-marketing is a part of Business Development to NIST, whose greatest contribution is to generate enquiries and increase the Brand awareness Worldwide. The extensive skills include SEO, SMO, PPC process, Web Designing, Graphics designing, Content Marketing, and email\SMS\WhatsApp marketing techniques.

For any Organization, folks behind it are as significant as the organization does. The e-marketing team is headed by Mr. George Pravin, Mr. Christopher Lawrence and the team includes Ms. Deepti Panguja, Mr. Selvamani, Mr. Raj Kumar, Mr. Susinder, Mr. Hari Haran, Mr. Sunil, Ms. Rashma Begum, Ms. Jyosithaa Shri, Mr. Kamalakanth, Mr. Renistan, Ms. Saravana Bhavani, Mr. Sathish Kumar and Mr. Sanjay Rahul.

Sales Team

Sales team is one of the energetic team whose main function is to handle the queries efficiently in the systematic procedure into the database. They also maintain fabulous testimonials from alumni and continuous references for the best services. Assistant Managers, Team Leads and sales executives function as a whole and works towards the company's goal.

Mr. Saravanakumar (Sr. Sales Manager), Ms. Nithya Krishnakumar (Sales Manager) bring about sales activities of all the branches of NIST. In addition, we have Asst. Managers to look after sales activities of specific branches: Mr. Gnanothayan (Chennai, Bangalore & Vizag), Ms. Shyamala (exclusively assigned for IDIP), Ms. Chitra P. Nair (Vadodara, Pune, Cochin & Hyderabad) and Ms.Sridevi Asst. Sales Manager (Mumbai Andheri, Mumbai Vashi, Delhi & Kolkata).

Sales Team from Chennai consists of Ms. Maria Vilje Shanthini, Ms. Amutha Jayaraj, Ms. Meena Muruganandam, Ms. Janaki, Ms. Nivedha and Ms. Ananthy. Ms. Jane C Ben, Mr. Minhas handles and Ms.Lini Joy Cochin, Ms. Sangita Shetty, Ms. Jyotsana Singh, and Ms. Mona Sharma as Senior Executive, Ms. Bammidi Sreelatha and Ms. Leela Jain handle Vizag, Ms. Pooja Oak and Ms. Urmila Onkar Tajne for Pune, Ms. Sagarika Ghosh and Ms. Kasturi Sarkar Guha for Kolkata, Mr. Jayaprakash as Training Co-ordinator, Ms. Nithya, Ms. Mary Shamili and Ms. Hema Priya corresponds to Bangalore, Ms. Anitha, Ms. Samavarapu Vasavi and Ms. Masooma Fatima for Hyderabad, Ms. Ayushi Panchal as Sr. Sales executive and Ms. Priyanka Patel for Vadodara, Ms. Anshu Thakur, Ms. Sarmistha Parida, Ms. Alka for Delhi and Ms. Niharka Zhode for Navi Mumbai.

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