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Meet Our Team


NIST as an institute of safety training, auditing, and consulting primarily focuses on implementation of safety rules as applicable in workplace by complying to health and safety legislations. However, there are numerous challenging issues while providing training to both institutional and corporate involving internationally recognized safety courses. The challenges could be counseling students or engaging learners with trainers or issuing certificates to candidates or management of cash for meeting daily operational activities or any such logistic issue. Nonetheless, we are meeting with challenging issues firmly and have been deifying all problems to ensure organizational activities run smoothly through a dedicated team of expertise in each department. Let's have a brief on each team's responsibilities.


Admin Team

Our admin team is a multi-task team and people involved in it are responsible for facilitating the requisite logistics required for carrying out general office duties. Be it back up for the tech or setup client agreements or raising invoice with customers, they oversee all the operations to ensure the organizations run smoothly without any hassle. The best part of this team is that it maintains enough inventories, quotes for products, and maintains payable & receivable accounts covering all the branches. Again, this team provides administrative support to other teams in the areas of scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, accommodations, and other miscellaneous tasks with the sole purpose of effective and efficient day-to-day operations.


Accounts & Finance Team

One of the most unique elements of accounts team is willingness to put the accounting concept of producing reliable financial information in perspective. They take the onus of maintaining all kinds of accounting activities and recording the same in the ledger for future reference. Their work mostly revolves around coordination with directors and other concerned department like HR and Admin involving expenditure, revenue, liability, and payroll. Team is also responsible for preparing annual financial statements in compliance with the audit procedure. The laudable part of this team is that they are excellent in cash management and adhere to finance policies of Govt.

Human Resource Team

HR team plays strategic role in the development of our organization and ready to contribute human resources as and when required. In fact, they are informative and supportive which in turn helps in building infrastructure when it comes to recruitment and staffing. They are very proactive in implementing organizational policies and identifying organizational training needs. The personnel of this team ensure employees from all the centers are in sync with organizational goals and at the same time monitor the vision and values are put into practice. Even from the perspective of occupational health and safety, HR team ensures a safe working environment by utilizing the resources effectively.


Training & Development, Auditing, Consulting and Recruiting Team:

Training is the cornerstone of our organization and the people involved in TSD are architects. At NIST, TSD team believe that rendering good quality training especially institutional involving international safety courses is essential as it would reflect professional development of learners. Thus, it is ensured that learners are critically engaged with trainers with expertise for which a lot of back office activities are solidly put in place. Right from the counseling students to first day of training to exam to certification, every end is neatly woven to ensure that learners are our satisfied customers. Even the feasibility of facilitating e-learning platform is ensured without any hassle. There is a technical content team that makes sure the training module is developed and delivered at all NIST centers as per the need. Therefore, TSD team has been instrumental in smooth delivery of international courses and at the forefront of leading the organization towards its goals.

Management Information System Team

Management Information System has been the driving force of our organization and people involved in this team are sound in collecting and disseminating strategic information, tactical information and operational information. The information is very much reliable and informative thereby makes an impact for organizational decision making. From a business perspective, MIS report generated by this team assists in making lead generation and lead analysis. The uniqueness of MIS team worth mentioning is that their report plays a significant role in understanding the need for making decision and preparing alternative course of actions and subsequent implementation.


Corporate Sales & Support Team

Corporate sales is touted as our organization’s attempt towards business expansion. We have a team of sales people who are determined, quick thinker and motivated enough to meet targeted sales objectives. Their roles and responsibilities involve convincing the corporates regarding the need of workplace safety and importance of complying to mandatory Govt. guidelines. They are well-versed in stimulating sales effort through soft skills and the outcome is measurable and quantifiable. Be it sales volume or revenue collection post training, they meet the marketing objectives and actually they are boon to top-management. Another activity this team does diligently is working in tandem with content team to deliver specific safety training at the client’s premise. As per the need, content team develops customized training material and subsequently a trainer is arranged to deliver the training effectively. Therefore, the nature of work sales team they deal with is multi-dimensional and in reality, they are go getter.


E-Marketing Team

E-marketing has been integral part of our marketing and is handled by a team well-versed in developing marketing strategies encompassing attributes like target market and product marketing. As far as target market is concerned, the emphasis is on B2B and B2C with priority being to satisfy the goals of customers. Mostly, the e-marketing activity revolves around promoting the products through various tools like SEO, PPC, SMO, Content Marketing and Graphic Designing among others. In addition, queries from prospect customers are addressed at the earliest through this online platform. This is how this team capitalizes the market and tailors the marketing goals of our organization.

Sales Team

Sales team is the prime engine behind the growth of NIST. We have a bunch of enthusiastic sales personnel who works under the aegis of a sales manager. They are responsible for bringing due sales volume and business growth on continuous basis. This team is very apt in negotiation and people management including the skill of problem solving much to the satisfaction of customers both walk-in and online. The best attribute of this team is to motivate the buyers and explain the benefits of our products by providing extensive information. One more aspect needs to be highlighted of this sales team is that, they develop long-term relationships with customers, which in turn induces more sales through reference and word-of-mouth. So, by virtue of this sales team across all the centers, we connect with the entire demography of HSE people.


Training Team

Trainers at NIST have years of hands-on experience in their respective domains. Our trainers are highly qualified and extremely competent who analyze, understand, and further deliver quality training & solution to the aspirants. They are highly capable of meeting the learner’s requirements and satisfying their expectations by assisting them to secure a great score. Our trainers are on par with international training strategies, who have been upholding high standards by delivering back-to-back best results. Along with technical expertise, they possess a vibrant leadership quality which is an inevitable quality of a radiant professional.