Permit to Work System Audit

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Permit to work system plays an important role in Hydrocarbon/Hazardous Chemical industries. Permit to work non compliance has led to major disasters and many fatalities worldwide.

NIST Panel of auditors can verify your system of permit to work system and implement the changes in permit to work system and procedures. Our panel will focus on the following elements of work permit system and will make a drastic change in work permit compliance.

  • Permit formats
  • Competence of Permit issuer/ Approver/Executer
  • Permit to work system Work flow
  • Safe work Procedures
  • Preparation and planning of work in PTW system
  • Tool box talks
  • Additional risk assessment
  • Critical work permits such as confined space/Hot work
  • LOTO / Permit to work integrity check
  • Instrument bypass override/ Permit to work integrity check
  • Positive isolation policies
  • Long term isolation policies
  • Audit of work permit systems
  • Works affecting other areas and system integrity
  • Work permits for remote areas
  • Training and certification for Permit to work system users.
  • Training the in house auditors


  • Reduced accidents and near misses
  • Responsible care for co-workers
  • Reduced breakdown and asset damage
  • Improves the safety culture
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