Permit to Work

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Instructions or procedures are adequate for most work activities, but some require extra care.

A permit-to-work system is a formal written system used to control certain types of work that are potentially hazardous. A permit-to-work is a document which specifies the work to be done and the precautions to be taken. Permits-to-work form an essential part of safe systems of work for many maintenance activities.

The objectives of the Work Permit System are to exercise control over the maintenance, repair and construction activities by assigning responsibilities, ensuring clear cut communication between interested functions & safety considerations to the job, its hazards & the precautions required. It ensures that the work is properly defined, authorized, operating personnel are aware what is going on, precautions to be taken are specified and the persons executing the job understand the nature and extent of hazards involved.

Work Permit System is an important element of Safety Management System and implementation of this in true spirit shall help in ensuring a safe working environment, thereby reducing possibility of injury to personnel, protect property, avoiding fire, explosion & adverse affect on environment.

Learning Outcomes of Permit to Work training

Upon completion of training, participant will be familiar with essential features of a Permit-to-Work system such as :

  • Clear definition of who may authorize particular jobs (and any limits to their authority) and who is responsible for specifying essential precautions.
  • Provision for ensuring that contractors, who are engaged to carry out work, are covered by the system.
  • Training and instruction for issuing Permits.
  • Monitoring and auditing to ensure that the system works as intended.

The course also covers the following aspects of Permit-to-Work systems:

  • Human factors.
  • Management of Work Permit systems.
  • Objectives of the Work Permit system.
  • Types of Work Permits required.
  • Contents of Work Permits.

The training sessions would be as per industrial guidelines and best practices.

Who can take the Permit to Work training?

Any person responsible for issuing and accepting Permit to Work systems.

Benefits of Permit to Work training

Organizations become aware of the regulations concerning hazardous work activities. This training ensures that they understand their duties and obligations in accordance with law. This training will enable participants to assess the requirements of a particular job or task, and ensure that Permit to Work documentation is completed correctly - and that employees undertaking hazardous activities are competent to do so safely.