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Any discourse on workplace safety would remain incomplete without the mention of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as it is highly essential to control or minimize the hazards. For instance, a worker near a construction site might prone to injury in case of any object or bolt or hand tool or loose material falls from an elevated platform and strikes on the head of a worker. Therefore, wearing safety helmet will give protection against possible fall hazard. In addition, there are other personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, harness, earplug, and footwear are utmost important at workplace and should be used depending on the nature of work and risks associated. However, it is the tendency of the workers to avoid using PPE. This reflects that they undermine personal protective equipment benefits. Rather, workers should be provided clear and reasonable instructions by employers through personal protective equipment training.

Similarly, use of Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) by a worker is must, provided work is carried out in confined spaces like docks, mining, and sewage, where there is low level of oxygen and presence of high level of contaminants. As a result, it leads to harmful effect on life and health of a worker. However, the workers should aware of type of work situation, name of the contaminant or toxic exposure to be guarded against, and the time duration to use. Considering these aspects, workers should be trained on the importance of respiratory protective equipment.

Why SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) is essential

There are certain workers having opinion that self-contained breathing apparatus is not necessary or feel uncomfortable to wear, are actually risking their lives. Employer providing the equipment to the workforce is not enough. Rather it should be ensured that workers using SCBA, when required. Lack of understanding on the correct usage of breathing equipment might prove disastrous. Consider an employee making a hole in respirator with the intention of smoking and continue to work with the same. This act reflects that, worker is compromising on the safety aspects. As a result, health risk will increase. This scenario reflects that workers should get self-contained breathing apparatus training for effective compliance of using personal protective equipment.

In view of the above, it could be safely concluded that corporate should accord topmost priority to health and safety of workers. Here, self-contained breathing apparatus training course to employees would only augment the overall safety aspects. In this regard, NIST has been the forefront of imparting training and providing safety training courses.

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