Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit

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What is Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit (POA)?

The main intention to carry out Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit (POA) in any facility is to ensure / determine the safety measures adopted to create a safe working environment for employees & visitors before occupancy.

Ensuring & reviewing all fire safety aspects, electrical safety, occupational hazards which are associated with the facility are met as per legal standards & provide a recommendation to the management on existing challenges before starting the operations on the premises.

Why your Organization would require Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit?

Organizations would require Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit in order to attain the below benefits:

  • Comply with safety laws & regulations
  • Demonstrates the organization’s commitment to health and safety
  • Highlights non-conformities and improves quality & service
  • Brings value to the workplace by avoiding prosecution, litigation, absence costs & loss of reputation
  • Reduced insurance premiums & indirect cost of workplace injuries
  • Fosters workforce morale & wellbeing
  • Enhanced employee awareness about safety measures

What are the various steps involved in the Pre-Occupancy Safety Audit process?

  • Opening Meeting with the client team
  • Site Visit
  • Document Verification
  • Closing Meeting with the client team




Industry Experience

NIST has successfully delivered Pre-Occupancy safety auditing services to the below industries.

  • Warehousing
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Offices
  • Data Centers, etc.

Auditor Experience

A Competent team of safety auditors with more than 35+ years of collective experience will help you to identify the potential site hazards and manage the site-specific safety risks through a systematic assessment and verification process.


(Pre-audit, On-site & Post-audit)

An Excellent end to end support to clients during

  • Pre-audit (Understanding the objectives & scope, select audit criteria & audit team members, develop audit plan, notify the facility & review the background information),
  • On-site (Opening/Closing Meeting, identify areas of concern, site inspection, document review, staff interviews, an initial review of findings),
  • Post-audit (Final evaluation of findings, submit the preliminary report, get management approval & submit final report) and
  • Follow up or review (Verify the recommendations taken on audit findings)


What your organization will receive from the service?

Provision of expert support and advice which can include:

  • Executive Summary Report for the Management
  • Customized Pre-Occupancy safety audit checklist with respect to client’s business model
  • Detailed analysis of Observations and its Recommendations
  • Pictorial evidence supporting observations
  • Detailed dashboard tracker for multi-location audit

What types of Organizations can undertake this Pre-Occupancy Safety auditing service?

Organizations irrespective of their size and type can undertake Pre-Occupancy Safety auditing services to achieve compliance with relevant legislation before occupancy.