Process Safety Management Audit

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There is growing concern related to effectiveness of safety management system in workplace. In spite of safety measures in place, incidents continue to occur across industries for one reason or other. For instance, major disasters like 1984 Bhopal, where accidental release of chemical led to death of 2,000 people. This indicates that there was some wrong in process safety management. Considering this aspect, employers need to conduct process safety audit to identify and understand potential hazards. NIST is of the opinion that tasks and procedures related to process must be clear and consistent. This is feasible through process safety audit to which corporates could avail our audit service in the following areas:

  • Safety management systems
  • Employee participation
  • Process safety information
  • Process hazard analysis
  • Operating procedures
  • Training
  • Contractors
  • Pre-start-up safety review
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Hot work permits
  • Management of change
  • Incident investigation
  • Compliance audit
  • Fire and explosion prevention
  • Protection and emergency management
  • Work injury prevention
  • Health hazards control
  • Evaluation of emergency plan
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