Safety Instrumented System Audit



  • NIST will help you in assessing the reliability of Functional safety management system in place in accordance with IEC 61511 requirements.
  • Process industries such as Oil and Gas/ Refineries/ Petrochemical / Heavy chemical industries/ Thermal power stations will benefit from such audit
  • Safety plan/ Proof test procedures/ Override and bypass procedures/ Preventive maintenance schedules / Training records / MOC procedures and implementation will be audited against the Standard requirements
  • Duration of Audit may range from 2 to 4 days and report will be submitted on the healthiness of the SIS system management.


Deviations in Maintenance/ Operations and proof test will be identified before it could result in failure of system Sustained Safety life cycle and continual improvement opportunities Ensures competent persons carry out the maintenance and reduces the systematic failures and spurious shutdowns which can result in huge economic losses to the organisation. Goes hand in hand with PSM requirement clause of Mechanical integrity of OSHA regulation CFR 28 1910.119

Role of NIST in SIS Audit

SIS audit will be carried out by certified SIS professionals who are familiar with the IEC 61511 system requirements.

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