SIL Verification


Based on the Safety requirement specification made in the analysis phase of Safety life cycle, Architecture and technology for the SIS instruments are chosen. In order to check whether selected architecture and components are meeting the Safety targets, SIL verification is done.

SIL verification is done by complex calculations by software namely eXsilentia which has broad data base of failure data and calculates the risk reduction achieved using built in complex Markov model calculations.

Besides that verification process involves also the other two barriers like Architectural and Systematic capability constraints as prescribed by IEC-61508 Part-2


  • Verification process assures the owner of the process about the risk reduction achieved and meets the Safety targets
  • Gives opportunity for the Process owner to correct the systematic errors which could have developed during the design phase.
  • Develops the preventive maintenance plan based on the criticality of the loop Ensures the safety of operating personnel and society by ensuring the reliability of Safety devices when demanded
  • By selecting high reliable instruments, uptime for the Process gets enhanced and improves the profitability ( Less Spurious failures)

Role of NIST in SIL Verification

  • In house (CFSE Exida) who has expertise in both PHA and SIL studies will carry out the Safety studies and SIL verification using dedicated softwar
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