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People often assume the system works as intended, despite warning signals. The Indian industry has passed through a rough terrain and has seen few disasters on its way. Union Carbide Bhopal Gas in 1984, Vizag's HPCL Oil Refinery Fire in 1997, ONGC MHN Platform fire at Bombay High in 2005, IOCL Depot fire at Jaipur in 2009, all resulted in colossal loss of lives, damage to national assets and large impact on environment. As a result, we witnessed huge financial losses, untold misery and sufferings, retardation on industrial morale and nation's growth.

Process Safety is a proactive systematic identification, evaluation, prediction, prevention, control and mitigation of chemical disaster that could occur as a result of system failure. It is a blend of engineering and management skills focused on preventing catastrophic accidents, particularly explosions, fires, and toxic releases, associated with the use of chemicals and petroleum products.

Learning Outcomes:

Process safety management in accordance with Indian Factory Act as well as International standards and regulations. This training helps a student in understanding importance of detailed and systematic approach of PSM architecture. The course explores all the elements of a comprehensive PSM program and facilitates:

  • Understanding the human, environmental and business consequences of poor process safety
  • Be aware of and understand the key factors influencing the basis for process safety
  • Understanding the hazards associated with process plant and how the risks can be controlled
  • Understanding key process safety requirements at each stage in the life cycle of process plant
  • Understanding the ways in which your work depends on the knowledge and expertise of others
  • Understanding your limitations and know how to acquire further knowledge and understanding of process safety management

Who can take the Course?

Anyone who would like to develop an understanding on process safety such as:

  • Managers - Operations, Safety and Executive
  • Engineers - Process, Safety and Mechanical
  • Compliance Auditors
  • Environmental Management and Technicians


An intensive course covering the fundamentals and highlights the importance of having a clear understanding of the principles of process safety management throughout an organization. The content includes new case studies, latest information and current best practices. The course is structured around safety principles like knowledge and competence, engineering and design, systems and procedures, assurance, human factors and culture. This training will prove essential for anyone who is involved in the design, modification, and maintenance of a major hazard or process plant.

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