NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

Quality Policy

NIST Institute Private Limited is recognized for Occupational Safety, Health, Food Safety and Environmental programs (OSHFE), and aims to provide the best of services in OSHFE Training, Auditing & Consulting and manpower solutions related to OSHFE across the world.

All the activities in NIST are carried out adhering to the systematically established policies and procedures to meet or exceed the expectations of clients, customers & stakeholders which can be monitored, measured, and audited.

NIST employees act with a great sense of commitment to deliver their duties & obligations to ensure quality in their work by adhering to the processes defined in the QMS policy. They will play a key role in identifying the areas of improvement in QMS to strengthen the processes by incorporating required correction and corrective actions. Internal communication among employees is ensured by necessary regular training, formal and informal communications to effectively implement QMS in the organization.

NIST has created the following objectives:

  • Help learners and corporates select the right products and services.
  • To study and meet the market demands for new products and services.
  • To reach potential customers worldwide through online marketing and brand building by maintaining the online reputation.
  • Ensure learners achieve high pass percentages and learn and adopt industry best practices.
  • Ensure delivery of Auditing and Consulting packages related to OSHFE in an ethical and time-bound manner and to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.
  • Act promptly, to provide adequately competent candidates to match the customer requirements as part of our recruitment and staffing vertical.
  • Ensure compliance in the use of software, intellectual properties and adhering to learner, vendor, customer and international partner agreements.
  • Encourage high-quality performance from our employees by providing tools for learning and development, a performance management system and a culture of empathy, trust, care and mutual respect.
  • Encourage employees to improve their skills and competence levels so as to take higher responsibilities and create growth opportunities for themselves and the organization.
  • To provide systems and processes so as to meet the above targets. All processes need to be reviewed regularly to ensure that they meet their intended objectives

NIST will strive towards achieving the customers, other stakeholders and their own internal requirements. All within the organization are committed in executing the requirements of QMS so as to achieve the desired benefits.

NIST focuses on the continual improvement of the QMS by imparting effective processes, improving the monitoring methods & measuring techniques and implementing the required actions to attain the desired goals of QMS. Each department head reviews the QMS performance monthly, while the Top Management reviews it bi-annually.