Safety course in Bangalore: NISTians pepped up with distinction in IGC Examinations

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NIST, the successful Health &Safety training institute, always bears success stories in all aspects, subsequently lifting our candidates by their performance. To add a feather in cap, our candidates have excelled in the results of NEBOSH IGC examination published on May 2017.

We feel glorious to convey that totally 2877 candidates were qualified as safety professionals from Bangalore location so far. It is being cheerful to NIST to share the success story of our 61th batch candidate's achievements in the examinations conducted on December 2016.

We are delighted to announce that our candidates from this batch gained 1 distinction and 6 credits in the examinations. On behalf of NIST, we congratulate all the candidates of this batch for their success. These records show that we are exceptionally advancing in the field as we cultivate good results with star performances from all our batches on various locations.

In NIST, challenges are welcomed at all times as we hope our expertise of knowledge and immense experience in safety training. We feel heart-warming by bringing out best results through our integrated approach towards the candidates who are coming from various positions.

At this joyous moment, we would like to appreciate our wonderful trainer Mr.Kalyan for his efforts put forth and for the incredible achievement.

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  • Rakesh Krishnan
  • Glanet

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