Safety Integrity Limit ( SIL) Study


SIL Assessment / Layer of Protection analysis

A multi-disciplinary team of Design, Instrument and Electrical Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Operations and Management review each identified hazard and assign a target SIL for each Hazard. An approved technique is used, as defined in IEC61508, such as the powerful Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), semi-quantitative or calibrated risk graph. Methods used based on IEC 61508/ IEC 61511


  • Ensures the right selection is made for the Safety instrumented system based on the assessment
  • Reduces the cost of instrumentation in the project stage by avoiding over engineering .
  • Ensures the intended function of the Safety device is not compromised
  • Provides the right Cost/Benefit analysis for the organisation while selecting the Safety instrumented systems.
  • Develops the preventive maintenance plan based on the criticality of the loop
  • Ensures the safety of operating personnel and society by ensuring the reliability of Safety devices when demanded.
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