Scaffolding Safety

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Fall accidents have been a serious issue especially in construction industry. Moreover, it is the basic cause of accidents resulting in serious injury and death. As per the report of Bureau of Labour Statistics report, 57 workers fell to death alone in 2012 and thousands get injured every year while doing scaffolding activities. This reflects the lives of workers always remain at stake, if they are involved in height work industries.

However, fall incidents are preventable provided basic scaffolding inspection is conducted before start of work. Users need to understand the risks of working at elevated platforms and the way to construct. This is the reason, the emphasis is highly on providing basic scaffolding training to the employees.

Collapse of scaffold is the common cause in most of the incidents and it happens due to overloading, improper assembly or use of faulty parts. In addition, incidents of hazards we come across like falls from elevation, stuck by falling tools or debris, electrocution, bad plank, etc. Actually, scaffolds are engineered products and its proper design ensures supporting a specified load. Any technical negligence would eventually leads to fall incidents.

Therefore, scaffolding safety is the need of hour and for which employees must be competent to identify existing hazards as well as predicted hazards through inspection. Employers in height work industries have to ensure safe and efficient work platform so as to minimize the accident casualties. This is feasible by imparting basic scaffolding training to employees. When it comes to scaffolding training, NIST has curved a niche in the market with some prestigious clients to its credit. Trainers of this organization have been the asset over the years, as they know how to delve into the subject like proper selection, erection, and maintenance of scaffold components. As a result, employees would be technically trained to perform all the scaffolding activities with due precautions.