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Scaling Rooftop

This program has been developed to ensure sustainable solar power solutions for your commercial and industrial establishments by utilizing idle roof space. It also cultivates awareness, disseminates knowledge, shares field learning and provides key insights to accelerate solar rooftop deployment. Ideal for those who want to ensure environmental sustainability and move towards a green future.

  • Duration
    1 Day
  • Training Mode
  • Institution
  • Subject
    Scaling Rooftop
  • Language
    English, Hindi

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Topics Covered

  • Indian scenario – Solar Rooftop
  • Basic Electrical concepts
  • Principles of the solar system
  • Photovoltaic battery
  • Solar PV Balance-of-System or BOS
  • Rooftop solar powerplant pre-installation
    • Cost Calculation
    • Equipment needed
    • Size of the system
  • Types of Solar Panel Mounts
  • Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance
  • Rooftop Solar Installations – Safety Risks and Prevention
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis


  • 1-day