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Scaling Solar E-Mobility & Storage

This program is intended to rapidly promote and deploy solar e-Mobility and associated storage infrastructure (in urban and rural areas) to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees that was declared as Call to Action in the Paris Declaration Agreement, 2015.

  • Duration
    1 Day
  • Training Mode
  • Institution
  • Subject
    Scaling Solar E-Mobility & Storage
  • Language
    English, Hindi

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Topics Covered

  • Indian Power sector & Indian Electricity Act & Regulation
  • Basics of Power System
  • Types of Solar Transportation (road, rail, & air)
  • Existing & future technologies in the field of solar-powered charging infrastructures
  • The innovative design of electric vehicles with onboard solar power
  • Charging demand - Solar electricity generation Vs Electric vehicle (EV)
  • Load Forecasting & Demand Side Management
  • Power management techniques for solar EV systems
  • On-grid and off-grid storage devices
  • Installation and Operation & Maintenance
  • Safety Measures and Remote monitoring systems
  • Charging electric vehicles from solar energy in microgrids;
  • Novel solar-powered contactless EV charging system
  • Intelligent systems for off-grid (stand-alone) solar charging of EVs


  • 1-day