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Solarizing Heating and Cooling Systems

This program aims to solarize the growing thermal demand from commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. To double the farmer’s income, this program emphasizes the development of solar-powered food cold chains to reduce post-harvest food loss as well as safer and longer preservation of food. Further, appropriate implementation of climate-resilient cold chain infrastructure can reduce approximately 19-21 Gigatonnes Carbon dioxide equivalent (GtCO2e) Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by 2050.

  • Duration
    1 Day
  • Training Mode
  • Institution
  • Subject
    Solarizing Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Language
    English, Hindi

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Topics Covered

  • Solar thermal energy systems
    • Low-Temperature Systems
    • Medium-Temperature Systems
    • High-Temperature Systems
  • Types of Solar collectors - flat plate, evacuated tube, Integral Collector Storage (ICS), thermosiphon and concentrating
  • Solar Water Heating Technology
  • Solar Photovoltaic + Thermal Technology
  • Solar Air Technology
  • Solar cooling systems
    • Solar thermal cooling systems
      • Absorption systems
      • Adsorption systems
      • Desiccant systems
    • Solar electric cooling systems
      • Solar-powered vapor compression systems
      • Peltier cooling system
      • Stirling systems
  • Solar cooling and climate change mitigation
  • Applications of solar heating and cooling (SHC) - Water heating, space heating, and space cooling
  • Metering and Performance Monitoring
  • Financial Incentives


  • 1-day