Workplace Safety

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Every organization strives for creating safe environment at workplace involving all areas of activities related to productivity and services. However, there are incidences of workplace hazards and injuries like the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984, was perhaps the major industrial catastrophe as far as the occupational health and safety is concerned. Therefore, emphasis is on workplace safety considering the hazardous nature of tasks and risk prone conditions in the working environment.

Why the significance of construction hazards

Take into account of construction hazards, where measure causes of fatalities are in terms of falls, struck-by, caught in/ between, scaffold collapses, and so on. Most of the times, people don't even ask that what could go wrong. Workers being complacent start working, but ending up with injuries and accidents eventually. These types of incidents upon investigation reveal that there are no safety control measures in place. Therefore, workplace safety training is highly essential to provide a better workplace for everyone.

How would you secure life from high voltage electricity

Similarly, working with high voltage electricity, most of the times prove lethal. Current flowing inside the body could lead to burn injury or cardiac arrest and might puncture the skin. The workers involved in the task unless aware of workplace safety precautions like use of PPE, insulator might get injured. Thus, making awareness on workplace electrical high voltage safety would minimize the number of incidents of injuries.

Deal with fire accidents

Further, fire related incidences are very common we come across from time to time. Most of the incidents are due to overlooked combustible dust, hot work, flammable liquids and gases, poor handling of electrical works and so on. All these types of incidents could be prevented by providing workplace fire safety training to workers.

Prevention from chemical exposure:

Chemical safety is another area requires attention at workplace as use of chemical could be extremely harmful, provided it is not used properly or overlooked. Chemical hazard could be in the form of flammable, corrosive, reactive, and toxic leading to injury in terms of disfiguring burns or eye burn or serious burn due to flammable solvents likewise. To deal with these hazards, workers should be provided workplace chemical safety training.

Do you know the usage and limitations of hand tools

Hand tools like hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers used at workplace seem harmless. However, those lead to many injuries in terms of cuts, bruises, broken bones, and so on. The injuries in serious cases even lead to loss of fingers and eyesight. Hence, training on hand tool safety in workplace is must to raise the bar on safety while dealing with such kind of injuries.

Optimize life through safe driving

Defensive driving is nothing but imbibing safe driving practice with an aim to arrive home safely. However, lives of the people take unexpected direction, as they don't obey the rules and regulations of safe driving and road laws. Nonetheless, incidences like crashes, serious injuries, and deaths could be prevented through making awareness on workplace defensive driving among the road users. As a result, safety of all could be optimized.

When considered the above mention workplace safety hazards, the broader scheme is to protect the workers. It requires mostly change in the mindset of employers, which doesn't demand much in terms of resources. Rather hiring the services of institute of workplace safety training in India like NIST will ensure both a worker friendly and working friendly environment.